Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin sensibilis, from sensus; SENSE1


Related topics: Clothes and Fashion
sen‧si‧ble S3 W3
1 reasonable, practical, and showing good judgment:
She seems very sensible.
sensible advice
It's sensible to keep a note of your passport number.
Moving house seemed like the sensible thing to do.
! A sensible person is reasonable and shows good judgement. A sensitive person is easily upset, or understands other people's feelings when they are upset.
2DC suitable for a particular purpose, and practical rather than fashionable:
Eat a sensible diet and exercise daily.
an old woman in sensible shoes and a neat skirt
3 formal noticeable:
a sensible increase in temperature

be sensible of something

literary to know or realize that something exists or is true:
He was very sensible of the difficult situation she was in.
sensibly adverb

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