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sensorysen‧so‧ry /ˈsensəri/ adjective  HBHrelating to or using your senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch sensory stimuli such as music sensory deprivation ESP(1)
Examples from the Corpus
sensoryPerhaps the most exciting possibility... is the extension of this type of work to other systems besides sensory.Heredodegenerative disorders may also present with sensory ataxia.Elderly patients with multiple sensory deficits may experience intermittent feelings of dizziness, especially when walking or turning.And furthermore, just glancing back had somehow re-established the sensory link.Comparing sensation with a wisp of cotton over homologous areas of the lower extremities is effective in revealing such subtle sensory losses.As food touches the tongue it comes into contact with the sensory papillae there.They also increase the amount of sensory stimulation it receives.sensory stimuli
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