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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsentientsen‧tient /ˈsenʃənt/ adjective formal or technical  EXISTable to experience things through your senses Man is a sentient being.
Examples from the Corpus
sentientThey are states that all sentient beings have a good reason to want.Her aviary at Prides was a carnival of sentient color and living sound.These two possible views of the Ring are kept up throughout the three volumes: sentient creature, or psychic amplifier.Most have spent all their sentient life as paid-up devotees, and the glib phrases soon roll off the tongue.But there was no sign of any sentient life or activity.Vologsky was like a zombie, existing on the outermost fringe of sentient life.Here, the patient, though chronically dependent on the ventilator is a conscious, sentient person.Best of all, Uulaa is a Freeworld, without local sentient population and so outside the Federation.
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