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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsepulchralse‧pul‧chral /səˈpʌlkrəl/ adjective literary  1 SAD/UNHAPPYsad, serious, and slightly frightening a sepulchral voice2 dark, empty, and slightly frightening in the sepulchral gloom of the church
Examples from the Corpus
sepulchralMy protector in the sepulchral darkness filled with light.Figures on sepulchral monuments sporting shrouds in place of customary day dress are not so rare as those depicted on memorial brasses.It was a sepulchral place, altogether depressing and gloomy.Much additional information can, however, be learnt from sepulchral sculpture, prints and drawings, paintings and memento mori jewellery.One might mention an object or a locality, and sepulchral silence would descend.Tenebrous, sepulchral, their interiors speak mutely of their absent architects.In loud, sepulchral tones, this vision warned James to give up war and consorting with wanton women.White statues of saints, angels and the Holy Family added a traditional, if sepulchral, touch.
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