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sequencese‧quence /ˈsiːkwəns/ ●●○ AWL noun  1 [countable, uncountable]ORDER/SEQUENCE the order that something happens or exists in, or the order it is supposed to happen or exist inin a ... sequence The questions should be asked in a logical sequence. Be careful to perform the actions in the correct sequence.in sequence Number them in sequence, 1,2, 3 etc.out of sequence The chapters may be studied out of sequence.2 SERIES[countable] a series of related events, actions etc that happen or are done in a particular ordersequence of He’s had a sequence of business failures. the sequence of events leading up to the war3 [countable]APART one part of a story, film etc that deals with a single subject or action syn scene the dream sequence in the film
Examples from the Corpus
sequenceThe dance is basically a sequence of steps that you repeat over and over again.The action sequences are the best part of the film.Anyone whose eye-hand coordination was developed by catching a baseball will suffer repeated death in the combat sequences.White, who is doing research on the disease, was able to determine its DNA sequence.Since there were 32 subjects, four subjects saw a given sequence.The chairs are numbered in sequence.The system follows a logical sequence.My winning the lottery is improbable, because there are so many sequences of numbers other than mine that could come up.His love of poetic and narrative sequences culminates in the three book designs that dominate the exhibition.Basic computer code consists of sequences of ones and zeros.The keys have to be turned in a particular sequence to open the safe.X-rays are taken in rapid sequence to get an image of the arteries leading to the heart.In other words, she may find it difficult to relate sequences of letters to their appropriate pronunciation.Finally, when all the manipulations are complete, the resulting sequence is fed out again through the slot.The report detailed the sequence of events that led to the oil spill.The sequence of movements for this particular dance is quite difficult to learn.in a ... sequenceChildren tend to develop conservation abilities at about the same age and tend to develop different conservation operations in an invariant sequence.In that sequence, the P-40 veers into a row of parked P-40s as a line of strafing Zekes bear down.In what sequence these events took place, history does not say.There are about twenty different amino acids and these may be arranged in any sequence.Pay particular attention to any areas which may be problematic - unexplained gaps in work sequence, poor examination results, etc.The flowers mature in sequence, starting with the oldest at the top.These shots would be dubbed over, in their new sequence, to a master tape.Cardboard shacks went up, in no particular sequence, until field after field was covered.sequence of eventsTake for example a sequence of events involving building societies.A sequence of events since last spring made a showdown over these issues almost inevitable, analysts contend.As in all such cases, the actual sequence of events and the combinations of motives is complex.She had told him over and over again the sequence of events on the boat.Precisely when this occurred is not clear, but from the sequence of events it was probably in 59.Think about the serendipity, the sequence of events that had to set it all up.Instead, the usual sequence of events is this: The zipper gets caught in the sleeping bag material.I began to call the whole sequence of events PMSgate.
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