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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishserenese‧rene /səˈriːn/ adjective  CALMvery calm or peaceful The child’s face was serene and beautiful. a serene mountain lakeserenely adverbserenity /səˈrenəti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sereneHer pale, plump face was serene.It was, for the first time since he had been looking at it, serene.But there was no condescension in his expression, and no judgment; just serene concern.The young woman he saw was neither a giggling schoolgirl, a serene debutante, nor a smiling fiancee.But, in political and human terms, he clearly represents everything Ayckbourn most dislikes: a serene detachment and emotionless cool.She had a small serene face, like on a cameo.A kind, serene girl called June told her the reason.The lounge was long, and wide, L-shaped, the luxurious furnishings reflecting the cool, serene hues of the sea.Jan looked out over a serene landscape of gentle hills.In her serene room, I have slowly come to feel safe.
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