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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishserfdomserf‧dom /ˈsɜːfdəm $ ˈsɜːrf-/ noun [uncountable]  PGCthe system of using serfs, or the state of being a serffeudalism
Examples from the Corpus
serfdomHe had learned, he told his audience, that rumours have spread among you of my intention to abolish serfdom.The Vicosinos were of like mind and thus Supported the project to purchase the land and liberate these families from serfdom.Since the principal advantage of being a noble was the right to exploit peasant labour, serfdom looked set to continue.So Chekhov gets invited to this fancy dinner on the anniversary of the abolition of serfdom.The abolition of serfdom would therefore be a necessary precondition of free labour mobility.In a third he concentrated on serfdom.It has reduced us politically to serfdom.It was upon serfdom that the critics of Tsarism rapidly came to focus their attention.
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