Date: 1600-1700
Language: Latin
Origin: serere 'to join'


Related topics: Broadcasting
seā€§ries S2 W1 plural series [countable usually singular]

series of something

several events or actions of a similar type that happen one after the other:
the series of events that led to the outbreak of war
The police are investigating a series of attacks in the area.
There's been a whole series of accidents on this road.

planned events

a group of events or actions that are planned to happen one after the other
series of
This autumn the BBC will be showing a series of French films.
Staff will hold a series of meetings over the next few weeks.
a summer lecture series


a set of television or radio programmes that have the same characters or deal with the same type of subject, and are usually broadcast every week or several times a week:
a new comedy series

books/articles etc

several books, articles etc that deal with the same subject or tell stories about the same characters
series of
a series of articles on community care
a science fiction series

similar things

several things of the same kind
series of
a series of laws against discrimination
The area is linked by a series of canals.


a set of sports games played between the same two teams
the World Series (=in baseball)
Test series (=in cricket)

in series

technicalTEE being connected so that electricity passes though the parts of something electrical in the correct order

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