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series of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseries of somethingseries of somethingSERIESseveral events or actions of a similar type that happen one after the other the series of events that led to the outbreak of war The police are investigating a series of attacks in the area. There’s been a whole series of accidents on this road. series
Examples from the Corpus
a whole series ofA regular newsletter keeps people in touch and a whole series of social events are undertaken.In contemporary Britain, a whole series of alternatives are offered.Recently this liberalisation of trade has been checked, or at least slowed, by a whole series of actions.By the end of his Government Baldwin was anxious to make a whole series of Cabinet changes.There is now a need to rekindle the idea that teaching is a vocation which makes a whole series of complex demands.It is better to use a poem which elaborates one visual experience and not a whole series of visual pictures.This issue raises a whole series of complex methodological questions that are examined in some detail in P.A. Consultants' 1987 review.I think it is going into your subconscious and picking up a whole series of signals.
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