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serious attention/consideration/thought

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishserious attention/consideration/thoughtserious attention/consideration/thoughtcareful and thorough attention etc I’ll give your suggestion serious consideration. serious
Examples from the Corpus
serious attention/consideration/thoughtBook publishing is another important aspect of the print media to which private organisations and the government should pay serious attention.Dangerous goods and perishable goods are two examples of operational specializations worth serious consideration.It does not mean that money has to rule, but it is a necessary and serious consideration.The concept of interleague play in major league baseball is certainly intriguing, worthy of serious consideration.It was high time she got down to serious thought about her doctorate.But little serious thought has been given to this problem.A more serious consideration to my mind is the continued quotation of Ingard shares on the Stock Exchange.The fact is that I had already begun to give serious consideration to the possibility of doing away with Dennis Parsons.
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