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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseriouslyse‧ri‧ous‧ly /ˈsɪəriəsli $ ˈsɪr-/ ●●● S2 W2 adverb  1 very much or to a great degreeseriously ill/injured/damaged etc Was she seriously hurt? I’m seriously worried about Ben. Something was seriously wrong.2 SERIOUS/NOT JOKING a) in a way that is not joking, especially because something is important It’s time we talked seriously about our relationship. b) [sentence adverb] spoken used to show that what you say next is not a joke Seriously though, I think Toby likes you.3 take somebody/something seriously4 seriously?COLLOCATIONSadjectivesseriously illHer mother is seriously ill in hospital.seriously/injured/hurt/woundedHe was seriously injured in a car accident on Friday.seriously damagedHis reputation had been seriously damaged.seriously affectedA number of bird sanctuaries were seriously affected by the oil spill.seriously flawed (=having a bad weakness or fault)From the outset, this project was seriously flawed.seriously wrongI was worried there was something seriously wrong with me.seriously worriedHazel was now seriously worried.
Examples from the Corpus
seriouslyAnd they take every second of opportunity seriously.It doesn't deserve to be taken seriously.Nationalists in Moldavia fought police and troops late yesterday and unofficial reports said dozens of people were injured, some seriously.She had not at first taken it seriously.They weren't taking it seriously.They started dating seriously about 8 months ago.Those who seriously attempt to kill themselves usually manage to do so.And like all craftsmen, they were not always taken seriously by the intellectually fashionable people of their times.She was talking about children's social education at a time when no one else was seriously concerned with it.It was just a funny number that no one takes seriously, except the workers.Allow me to speak seriously for a moment.My plan is to train seriously from January to July.Another 1,500 children each year are seriously injured by unlocked handguns.Are you seriously suggesting that she should give up her job in order to look after her husband?Seriously, though, are you going to see her again?There was something seriously wrong.seriously ill/injured/damaged etcAnd this night, he comes close to getting seriously injured.Reportedly, several people were seriously injured.The Cherokee occupants were unhurt and the Cheetah pilot, though shocked and bruised, was not seriously injured.Making matters worse, our system financially punishes people for being seriously ill and not dying quickly enough.The driver and passenger of the Mini, both 16 years old, are seriously ill at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.The quake seriously damaged computers at the U.S.Voice over Richard Latkowsky from Witny was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash several years ago.Police officials also said 12 patrol cars were seriously damaged in the melee.Seriously thoughThis had to be one of them. Seriously though, the medical worked wonders.
seriously?seriously?spokenSERIOUS/NOT JOKING used to ask someone if they really mean what they have just said ‘The job’s yours.’ ‘Seriously?’ seriously
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