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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishserpentineser‧pen‧tine /ˈsɜːpəntaɪn $ ˈsɜːrpəntiːn/ adjective [only before noun] literary  1 BENDwinding like a snake the serpentine course of the river2 complicated and difficult to understand a serpentine plot
Examples from the Corpus
serpentineProving very popular are the new serpentine bedside cabinets in real satinwood handpainted with classical motifs, at about £600.Its proposed costly serpentine curve makes sense there, but not necessarily elsewhere.Her dark blonde hair and serpentine figure drew the approval of Sir Charles Webb-Bowen himself.Vent valves along serpentine pipes hissed.Sometimes, it is not the serpentine plots, but the dramatic realism that requires a second viewing.a serpentine riverThere are serpentine steps leading up from the road.And my narcissus bulbs were artistically arranged in a kind of serpentine wall around the whole thing.
Serpentine, thethe SerpentineSerpentine, the  a lake in hyde park in London. It is a custom for some people to swim in it on Christmas Day.
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