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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishSERPSSERPS /sɜːps $ sɜːrps/  (State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme) a former British government system which paid a regular income to people who had stopped working because they were old, based on the amount that they earned while they were working. SERPS was replaced n 2002 by the State Second Pension which provides an increased extra state pension for people with low or middle incomes.From Longman Business DictionarySERPSSERPS /sɜːpssɜːrps/ nounFINANCE state earnings-related pension scheme; in Britain, a former government arrangement for getting a PENSION (=income after you stop working) that depended on how much you paid while you were working. SERPS was in addition to the basic pension. In 2002 it was replaced by the State Second Pension
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