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serv‧er [countable]
a) TD the main computer on a network, which controls all the others:
The server's down (=not working) again.
b) TD one of the computers on a network that provides a special service
file/print server
All data is stored on a central file server.
2DS the player who hits the ball to begin a game in tennis, volleyball etc
3DFU a special spoon for putting a particular type of food onto a plate:
salad servers
4 American English someone whose job is to bring you your food in a restaurant [= waiter, waitress]
WORD FOCUS: restaurant WORD FOCUS: restaurant
the person who serves you in a restaurant: waiter, waitress, server American English, waitperson American English

the person who cooks your food: chef

the person who welcomes the guests: maitre d', host/hostess American English

a list of the food: menu also bill of fare formal

a list of wines and alcoholic drinks: wine list also drink list American English

a piece of paper that shows the amount you have to pay for your meal: bill British English/check American English

extra money you leave for the waiter or waitress: tip/gratuity formal

money that the restaurant charges for service: service charge, cover charge, corkage

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