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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishserviceableser‧vice‧a‧ble /ˈsɜːvəsəbəl $ ˈsɜːr-/ adjective  USE somethingready or able to be used syn usable Some of these old tools are still serviceable.
Examples from the Corpus
serviceableHe insisted that the boat was perfectly serviceable.This balance changes with the passage of time as experience fashions these blueprints into more serviceable guides.If everything were merely clean and serviceable he would proclaim the place bare and uncomfortable.The food was serviceable, if not stunning.They are chosen to last, to be serviceable, not to be fashionable.But we had only one serviceable skyhook.Stewart had purchased a serviceable sleeping bag and managed quite well, but several mates suffered frostbite; some required hospitalization.Out on the trails I find it serviceable, sturdy, reliable.This instrument was very serviceable to artists, graphic artists especially, working in competition with the camera.Old Ralf likes me, and I've made myself very serviceable to him, and behaved myself circumspectly here.
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