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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishservicesservices[plural] skilled work or advice from a particular type of worker who you use to help you do somethingsomebody’s services/the services of somebody Lydia obtained the services of a qualified nurse.somebody’s services as something Why don’t you offer your services as a tennis coach? service
Examples from the Corpus
somebody’s services/the services of somebodyAt 18+ all universities and some colleges have the services of a chaplain.Devon lost the services of Peter Roebuck just as he was becoming a key member of their side.Employing the services of a professional to carry out the necessary legalities is imperative.Most of them employed the services of travel agents, according to Zakhariev.On the advice of friends, Helen had hired the services of a tough young lawyer with feminist leanings.Senior staff may be offered the services of an independent relocation company.The chairman is making the necessary contacts to engage the services of prominent ladies to sustain the programme.
servicesservices[plural] British EnglishTTR a place near a motorway where you can stop and have a meal or drink, or buy food, petrol etcservice station How far is it to the next services? service