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serving spoon/dish etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishserving spoon/dish etcserving spoon/dish etca spoon, dish etc that is used to serve food serving
Examples from the Corpus
serving spoon/dish etcPresent at table and serve guests with serving spoon.Stir this into the fromagefrais and pour over the still-hot potatoes in their serving dish.Remove to a serving dish and keep warm.Spoon into a serving dish and serve warm - but not too hot or the syrup will burn.Place noodles in serving dish and top with 1 / 2 of sauce, stirring together slightly.Bedford scooped potatoes from a serving dish on to his plate.Arrange on a hot serving dish, pour a little sauce over and serve the rest separately.The food is then pushed out of its protective package and left in its serving dish to be cooked in a hot-air oven.
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