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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishservitudeser‧vi‧tude /ˈsɜːvɪtjuːd $ ˈsɜːrvɪtuːd/ noun [uncountable] formal  OBEYthe condition of being a slave or being forced to obey someone else syn slavery
Examples from the Corpus
servitudeThose who chose servitude changed to do so.Both his economic independence and his essential servitude were thus, at the same time, guaranteed.During his servitude Apollo made friends with the household, especially with the head of it and his wife Alcestis.Human servitude will disappear, for servitors in the form of machines, powered by steam and electricity, will take over.The 13th Amendment forbade slavery and involuntary servitude.Passing an amendment to end slavery and actually banishing involuntary servitude are two different things.Justice Day sentenced them both to 20 years' penal servitude.Sheldukher, absorbed in his map, seemed not to have noticed its newly acquired air of placid servitude.Many of the most apparently distinguished honours are a reward for little more than longevity or political servitude.
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