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set a trap

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset a trapset a trapa) HBAto make a trap ready to catch an animal b) TRICK/DECEIVEto invent a plan to try and catch someone who is doing something wrong They decided to set a trap for him by leaving him in charge. set
Examples from the Corpus
set a trapShe must remember to tell Mrs Cooke to set a trap.She sets a trap and sets off a series of events that entangle household, family and friends.The cheaters were caught when one teacher set a trap by casually leaving a copy of the test on her desk.It may be necessary to set a trap for him.Beatrix had set a trap for Maurice and he had walked straight into it.They are setting a trap for me, she decided.So Gharr no only had Mala but also knew our pod and had set a trap for me.Or, you can set traps for them to prevent then from reaching the pots to lay their eggs.
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