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set foot in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset foot in somethingset foot in somethingENTERto go to or enter a place She swore she would never set foot in his house again. foot
Examples from the Corpus
set foot in somethingShe had set foot in Skipton and passed through Keighley, but these were small country towns.As soon as I set foot in there, I knew that I had to be involved somehow.The moment I set foot in this house, my world turned upside down.The last time Molly set foot in that house was 26 years ago.However, he had never set foot in the village again.Streetsmart in Jersey City, many have never set foot in the big town across the Hudson.August paid off the bank, then never set foot in New Albion or Lake Wobegon again.After she sued, Harvard said it would file criminal trespass charges against Garzilli if she sets foot in the department.Louis Johnson came to despise the Alsops and ordered Pentagon reception desks to inform him whenever they set foot in the building.
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