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set great/considerable etc store by something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset great/considerable etc store by somethingset great/considerable etc store by somethingIMPORTANTto consider something to be important Patrick has never set much store by material things. store
Examples from the Corpus
set great/considerable etc store by somethingHe had worked for the same engineering firm for thirty years and he had always set great store by the company pension.It apparently sets great store by creating business and completing assignments relatively quickly.The ancient Israelites set great store by proper burial.Being thus disappointed, I now set great store by what the first night might bring.Britain had previously set great store by the Lisbon economic summit two years ago, but progress has subsequently been slow.Bourbon producers set great store by the soft local water which passes through limestone on its way to the distilleries.Organizations which set great store by behavioural conformity often develop patterns of operation which can appear ridiculous in their manifestations.
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