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set light to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset light to somethingset light to somethingBURNto make something start burning The candle fell over and set light to the barn. light
Examples from the Corpus
set light to somethingYouths fired an arrow through the window of one house and set light to another in an attempt to silence them.The vandals broke into the house, piled the cooker with linen then switched it on and set light to it.That spark can set light to further proposals, ideas and chances in the manager's mind.A spark can just as easily set light to your clothes as it can to a dryer full of washing.Flames set light to his jacket and Mr Williams was helped into a nearby toilet where his hands were drenched with water.Would we leave a thing like that when any kiddy could knock the chocks out or set light to it?The police set light to it.My father had twice set light to the form.
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