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set on/upon/against (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset on/upon/against (doing) somethingset on/upon/against (doing) somethingDETERMINEDdetermined about something Nina’s set on going to the party. The government’s dead set (=completely determined) against the plan. set
Examples from the Corpus
set on/upon/against (doing) somethingLance Rees was set on as he passed the sorting office in Withernsea, Humberside, on his way to school.Manuel Perez's brother left after his house was set on fire.They were hacked to death and their bodies set on fire.Time limits may be set on how long employees can leave their goods in storage and receive reimbursement from their employers.Once again I detect a false opposition: an idealised reality set against the alien forces of darkness.A pail of cold water for washing was set on the floor so that performers had to bend over to use it.Margarett set upon the package, tearing at its wrappings, only to find beneath it another carton, then still another.Were the limits set on their radiation exposure acceptable?
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