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set sail

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset sailset sailTTWto begin a journey by boat or shipset sail for/from The following week the ‘Queen Elizabeth’ set sail for Jamaica. sail
Examples from the Corpus
sail for/fromThe fisherman cut their lines and set sail for port, but the sea serpent continued to follow them.Curtains set sail from their windows.On renouncing alcohol he was pardoned and he set sail for Darlington where he became a leading light in the Society.When he set sail from Troy many Trojans had joined him.Nancy and Famous died in a ship off the Virginia coast before it set sail for Savannah.It subsequently set sail for an undisclosed location.At all events, we set sail from Lowestoft, and by good fortune the Professor was detained on other business.It is small wonder that the idea of setting sail for an un-known land grew less and less attractive to him.
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