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set somebody/something apart

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset somebody/something apartset somebody/something apartto make someone or something different from other people or things Her unusual lifestyle set her apart as a child. apart
Examples from the Corpus
set somebody/something apartSuch seriousness and ambition in a very young man set him apart.BAs gloomy as this prospect might be, it also set us apart.A penchant for setting oneself apart and above mere mortals.Such seriousness, intensity, and power in a young man set him apart and left an impression on others.I was the first, but beyond that I see nothing to set me apart from anyone else.The new software was a unique tool that set the Microsoft Network apart from other commercial online services.What sets it apart is where it comes from.They seemed to bend at the knee, setting their feet apart so that they could never be off balance when they moved.What set it apart was the way irrigation and power production were linked.
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