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set the scene

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset the sceneset the scenea) PREPAREto provide the conditions in which an event can happenset the scene for The prison riots have set the scene for major reform. b) DESCRIBEto describe the situation before you begin to tell a story A few words on the rules of English law will help to set the scene. scene
Examples from the Corpus
scene forKasparov's reply, 19 a3, set the scene for a dramatic and cliffhanging duel.This will clear up any mysteries from this morning's lesson and set the scene for tonight's exercise.Thus administered, the one-child policy has created enormous demographic stresses and set the scene for severe social problems.Annan set the scene for the introduction of Channel 4.The early days set the scene for a recognisable figure.But three key findings have set the scene for subsequent debate on the system.The interpretation of Mannheim's project that von Schelting initiated set the scene for its incorporation into mainstream functionalist sociology.This establishing shot sets the scene for the viewers and shows the family arriving for their day on the beach.
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