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set the table

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset the tableset the tableDFDHto arrange plates, knives, cups etc on a table so that it is ready for a meal syn lay the table British English set
Examples from the Corpus
set the tableCould you help me set the table?But come on, set the table.She ran when she made the beds, ran when she set the table.She set the table and began breakfast.The bird collected wood, the mouse made the fire and set the table, and the sausage cooked the food.The smoke was broken off the cabin chimney where she had dropped it while setting the table eighteen years ago.A soft November swell has set the tables rattling metallically at one another across the bar.The servants setting the tables ready for supper were summarily dismissed.While this cooked Baucis set the table with her trembling old hands.
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