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set the trend

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset the trendset the trendFASHIONABLEto start doing something that other people copy Larger corporations are setting the trend for better maternity benefits. trend
Examples from the Corpus
set the trendLarger corporations are setting the trend for better maternity benefits.Young backpackers set the trend, and now people of all ages are looking for cheap ways to travel around Southeast Asia.But although the sensationally styled Calibra sets the trend, it is by no means the only exponent of the field.To save the planet we must set the trend of caring for the environment.It caught on over here some years later with the Seven Men of Preston setting the trend.The bank rate sets the trend for home, vehicle and other consumer loans.The rate, which sets the trend for home and other consumer loans, is now at its lowest since November 1994.
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