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set your heart/mind/sights on (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset your heart/mind/sights on (doing) somethingset your heart/mind/sights on (doing) somethingWANTDETERMINEDto want very much to have or achieve something, or to be determined to do something Ellen has completely set her heart on that house. He set his sights on crossing the Pacific by balloon. set
Examples from the Corpus
set your heart/mind/sights on (doing) somethingBut where there are sellers there are buyers, and it was this latter rare species we had set our sights on.Wagner set his sights on a degree in electrical engineering, and he followed his star with a fervid intensity.He knew he was bound to pull any girl he set his mind on - he always had.Her youth and beauty elicited a predictable reaction from my father, who set his sights on her at once.Sofa Head's greatest asset is the realisation that you don't have to set your sights on one target.Yes, she thought, if Tamar had set her mind on something she would never rest until it was accomplished.Gazing intently into her computer screen, Christine Montgomery has set her sights on the next generation of electronic language translators.Heath had set her sights on the U. S. Senate seat from Colorado.
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