Date: 1200-1300
Origin: Past participle of SET1


3 adjective
Related topics: Food, Leisure


[not before noun] being in the position that is mentioned
set in/on/back etc
a medieval village set high on a hill
a big house set back from the road


used to say that something is in front of a particular background, especially in a way that is attractive
set against
a small town of white buildings, set against a background of hills
pink petals set against dark green foliage


[only before noun] a set amount, time etc is fixed and is never changed:
We were paid a set amount each week.
The evening meal is served at a set time.
Small children like a set routine.


[not before noun] informal someone who is set for something is ready for it
set for
Are you all set for the trip?
set to do something
I was just set to go when the phone rang.
Get set (=get ready) for a night of excitement.
On your marks - get set - go (=said to start a race).

set on/upon/against (doing) something

determined about something:
Nina's set on going to the party.
The government's dead set (=completely determined) against the plan.

opinions/habits etc

not likely to change:
People had very set ideas about how to bring up children.
Mark was 65 and rather set in his ways (=habits).

have your heart/sights set on something

to want to do something very much, or to be aiming to do something:
She's got her heart set on going to France this summer.
Don has his sights set on a career in law.

set to do something

likely to do something:
The weather is set to change.
This issue is set to cause some embarrassment.

deep-set/wide-set/close-set eyes

eyes whose position is deep in the face, far apart on the face, or close together on the face

be set with gems/jewels etc

to be decorated with jewels:
a gold bracelet set with rubies


[only before noun] British EnglishDFDL a set meal in a restaurant has a fixed price and a more limited choice than usual
set lunch/dinner/menu
The hotel does a very good set menu.

set book/text etc

British EnglishSE a book that must be studied for an examination

fixed expression

literary if your face is set, it has a fixed expression on it, especially one that is angry, worried etc:
He stared at her, his face set.
Kate's face was set in a grim expression.
set smile/teeth/jaw
'Damn you,' he said through set teeth.

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