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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsettledset‧tled /ˈsetld/ adjective  1 CHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENT#remaining the same, and not likely to change She was tired of moving around and longed for a more settled existence.2 SATISFIEDif you feel settled, you feel comfortable about your life, your job etc, because you have been living or working somewhere a long time and you like the place, people, company etcsettled in I still don’t feel settled in my job.3 British English if the weather is settled, it is dry and not likely to change opp changeable
Examples from the Corpus
settleda well-to-do, settled communityI've seen these pillared, high-chinned buildings, their deep chests thrown out in settled cultural pride.Letters are written home, and before the night seems settled, dawn is breaking and another day begins.The best of this fish is seen in mature, settled fish enjoying their surroundings.Perhaps there were some early villages around the caputs in the oldest, or most continuously settled places.He did not make a settled return to London until 20 October.We can accept that as settled, then.The blooms usually occur at the end of the summer if there have been long hot spells and settled weather.