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set‧tle‧ment W2

official agreement

[countable] an official agreement or decision that ends an argument, a court case, or a fight, or the action of making an agreementCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
reach/achieve a settlement negotiate a settlement peace settlement (=one to end a war) peaceful settlement (=one that is reached by discussion, without fighting) divorce settlement (=an agreement about how money and property is divided at the end of a marriage) out-of-court settlement (=when people make an agreement between themselves to avoid a court case)
Union leaders and company bosses will meet tomorrow in an attempt to reach a settlement.
His lawyers are understood to be negotiating a settlement.
Hopes grew that a workable peace settlement might emerge.
settlement of
the search for a peaceful settlement of the Northern Ireland conflict
She got her home as part of the divorce settlement.
The company paid out over $10 million in an out-of-court settlement.


[uncountable]BFL formal when you pay all the money that you owe
settlement of
the settlement of all his debts
in settlement (of something)
Wyatt had received the property in settlement of a bet.

group of houses

[countable]S a group of houses and buildings where people live, especially in a place where few people have lived before:
The railway stations created new settlements.
an early Iron Age settlement

new area/places

[uncountable]SA when a lot of people move to a place in order to live there, especially in a place where not many people have lived before
settlement of
the settlement of the American West


[uncountable] technicalHEG the process in which a building or the ground slowly sinks downwards [= subsidence]

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