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sewagesew‧age /ˈsjuːɪdʒ, ˈsuː- $ ˈsuː-/ noun [uncountable]  SGPthe mixture of waste from the human body and used water, that is carried away from houses by pipes under the ground Chlorine is used in sewage treatment. The factory secretly dumped millions of gallons of raw sewage (=sewage that had not been treated) into the Ohio river.
Examples from the Corpus
sewagea sewage treatment plantSmog and acid rain, water pollution and sewage disposal, dams and river-flows will become ever more contentious issues.It consists of stripping these compounds out at sewage treatment works.Recycled water can never be legally considered sewage.The decision to opt for sewage composting was made largely in order to reduce the need for water for flushing the toilet.Underneath, faintly, was the stench of sewage.Charvat said that before his arrival, the plant secretly dumped millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Ohio River.There are no paved streets, sewage, electricity or water services.The plant, due to open in 1995, will pump treated sewage further offshore into Cape Cod Bay.raw sewageThe resort has been accused of dumping raw sewage in the lake at least four times in the last three years.Or would he perhaps look upon a clear mountain stream and complain about the absence of raw sewage or Industrial effluents?Domestic and industrial waste, discharged oil and millions of gallons of raw sewage are flushed into the sea every day.Charvat said that before his arrival, the plant secretly dumped millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Ohio River.All around, thousands of their compatriots waited in pitiful food queues as the stench of raw sewage hung over Trnopolje.Grants and available technology shall be provided for the avoidance of the crazy Victorian idea of pumping raw sewage out to sea.A further 300 tonnes of fish were suffocated in May, when raw sewage flooded into the river after a storm.Cardigan Bay, once famed for its dolphins, is now polluted with raw sewage and animal wastes.
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