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sextetsex‧tet /seksˈtet/ noun [countable]  1 APMa group of six singers or musicians performing together2 APMa piece of music for six performers Mozart’s sextet in B flat
Examples from the Corpus
sextetCan a sextet from Manhattan make it big by going that far off the beaten wall?After recording two now-unavailable Hieroglyphics Ensemble albums in the 1990s, Apfelbaum formed a sextet in 7995.But Wigan have signed top-quality replacements with a sextet of internationals bolstering Endacott's impressive-looking squad.Abrams uses the personnel in trio, quartet, quintet and sextet formation, in a series of compelling performances.Finally, a brass sextet delivers Boehme in the Hotel Congress lobby.A band, large or small, that stays together plays better jazz together, and Rollins' sextet proves it.The second of these also included Benny Goodman's sextet.Nobody outside the charmed world of this sextet had dinner parties, or even lives worth talking about.
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