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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsexysex‧y /ˈseksi/ ●○○ adjective (comparative sexier, superlative sexiest)  1 SEXYsexually exciting or sexually attractive sexy underwear Don’t you think he’s sexy?2 informalEXCITED sexy ideas, products etc are exciting, attractive, and interesting one of the sexiest companies in Seattle a sexy investmentsexily adverbsexiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sexyJane was astonished to find that it felt sexy.They showed quite a lot of leg, and were undeniably sexy.Her flushed cheeks, wide eyes, and slightly opened mouth made her look sexy.I think leather pants are really sexy.Peter is strong, good looking, and very sexy.At twenty-three, David Bailey was street-wise, sexy, ambitious.Gabby dived into the pool leaving her sexy black dress draped over a chair.a sexy black dressA sexy female boss hiding dark family secrets from her past and using her street smarts to get even.a political campaign that lacked sexy issuesWhat was it about a waistcoat that was so piercingly sexy? she wondered dully.Until yesterday, dancer Cris Judd had a picture of himself with the sexy singer on his website.The sexy swaying walk, the dark voice.He's got a really deep sexy voice.a sexy womanThe advertisement showed a sexy young woman in a short skirt standing beside a sports car.
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