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shade of meaning/opinion/feeling etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshade of meaning/opinion/feeling etcshade of meaning/opinion/feeling etcDETAILa meaning etc that is slightly different from other ones syn nuance There is room in the Democratic Party for many shades of opinion. shade
Examples from the Corpus
shade of meaning/opinion/feeling etcIt represented all shades of opinion, but it was dominated by Sukarno.In this more tolerant environment several newspapers representing different shades of opinion have already sprung up, especially in the urban areas.There was in most works an allowance for shades of feeling and meaning, and for the existence of doubt.From a sociologist's point of view, work has shades of meaning which are individual to each of us.As a solo instrument following a melodic line, the violin can convey every imaginable shade of feeling.These two directions or shades of opinion are not necessarily as starkly polarised as may appear.To teach me to perceive the shades of beauty and the shades of meaning ...
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