Language: Old English
Origin: sceadu


1 noun

out of sunlight

[uncountable] slight darkness or shelter from the direct light of the sun made by something blocking it:
a plant that needs a lot of shade
in the shade (of something)
She was sitting in the shade of a large oak tree.
The temperature was over 90 degrees in the shade.
see usage note shadow1

for blocking light

D something you use to reduce or block light:
The shade on the lamp was slightly crooked.


[plural] informalDC sunglasses

in a picture

[uncountable]AVPTCP the dark places in a picture:
strong contrasts of light and shade


[countable]CC a particular type of red, green, blue etc
shade of
a bright shade of pink

shade of meaning/opinion/feeling etc

a meaning etc that is slightly different from other ones [= nuance]:
There is room in the Democratic party for many shades of opinion.

a shade

formal very slightly
a shade too big/hot/fast etc
Matt's clothes were just a shade too big for me.
a shade better/quicker/faster etc
The results were a shade better than we expected.
a shade over/under/above etc
She was a shade under five feet tall.

shades of somebody/something

used to say that someone or something reminds you of another person or thing:
The food was horrible, (shades of school dinners).

put somebody/something in the shade

to be so good or impressive that other similar things or people seem much less important or interesting:
They're planning a festival that will put all the others in the shade.

have it made in the shade

American English informal to be extremely rich - used humorously
WORD FOCUS: colour WORD FOCUS: colour
a particular kind of colour: shade, hint, hue

words for describing dark colours: dark, deep, rich

words for describing light colours: light, pale, soft, pastel

words for describing bright colours: bright, brilliant, vivid, garish disapproving, gaudy disapproving

having a lot of colours: colourful, multicoloured British English/multicolored American English

See also

shadow, shade
A shadow is a dark shape made by something that blocks the sun or a light She saw his shadow on the wall.Shadow is an area of darkness made like this The side of the valley was in shadow.Shade is a cool dark area where the sun does not reach, made by the shadow of something such as a tree or wall Let's eat our lunch in the shade. He sat under the shade of a tree.See also shadow

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