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shades of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshades of somebody/somethingshades of somebody/somethingREMIND/MAKE somebody REMEMBERused to say that someone or something reminds you of another person or thing The food was horrible – shades of school dinners. shade
Examples from the Corpus
shades of somebody/somethingIn the low lands, miles of rice fields stretched out like handwoven carpets in different shades of green.Her favorites are a pale cocoa-colored lamb and another whose coat is different shades of gray.But there are actually quite a few shades of blue.There was in most works an allowance for shades of feeling and meaning, and for the existence of doubt.Pond keepers are extremely fortunate to have a vast selection of waterlilies to choose from, available in many shades of colour.The carpets, furniture, and walls are in muted shades of tan and green.He's an educated, ambitious young politician from the South - shades of Bill Clinton.Clasen combined these blonde tones with deeper, warmer shades of camel or vicuna.Notice what shades of colour there are on the water and look at your wake as it shoots from under the board.
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