Language: Old English
Origin: sceaduw-, stem of sceadu; SHADE1


1 noun
shad‧ow1 W2

dark shape

[countable] the dark shape that someone or something makes on a surface when they are between that surface and the light:
the long dark shadow of an old oak tree
His shadow fell across the room.
The building cast its shadow (=made a shadow) across the street.
in the shadow of something
It was hot, and we decided to walk in the shadow of the wall (=along the wall, where its shadow would fall).


[uncountable] also shadows [plural] darkness caused by something preventing light from reaching a place
in shadow
The room was half in shadow.
in the shadows
In the shadows something moved.

bad effect/influence

[singular] the bad effect or influence that something has, which makes other things seem less enjoyable, attractive, or impressive
in/under the shadow of something
For years, people had been living under the shadow of communism.
cast a shadow over/on something (=make something seem less enjoyable, attractive, or impressive)
The events of September 11th cast a shadow over the celebrations.

without/beyond a shadow of a doubt

used to say that something is definitely true:
Without a shadow of a doubt, he's the most talented player we have.

in somebody's shadow

if you are in someone's shadow, they are much more famous and successful than you are:
Kate grew up in the shadow of her film star sister.

be a shadow of your former self

to be weaker, less powerful, or worse than you were before:
Lennox seemed like a shadow of his former self.

shadows under your eyes

HBH small dark areas under your eyes that you have when you are very tired:
She looked pale, with deep shadows under her eyes.

somebody's shadow

someone who follows someone else everywhere they go

afraid/frightened/scared etc of your own shadow

easily frightened or very nervous
five o'clock shadowWORD CHOICE: WORD CHOICE:

shadow, shade
A shadow is a dark shape made by something that blocks the sun or a light She saw his shadow on the wall.Shadow is an area of darkness made like this The side of the valley was in shadow.Shade is a cool dark area where the sun does not reach, made by the shadow of something such as a tree or wall Let's eat our lunch in the shade. He sat under the shade of a tree.

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