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shadows under your eyes

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshadows under your eyesshadows under your eyesHBHTIREDsmall dark areas under your eyes that you have when you are very tired She looked pale, with deep shadows under her eyes. shadow
Examples from the Corpus
shadows under your eyesEven with the blinds down, she could see the dark shadows under her eyes.One day she came to history class with dark shadows under her eyes.On Monday morning Sam came to class events with dark shadows under his eyes, looking ten years older over a weekend.She still looked pale, with deep shadows under her eyes.Mr Stead was middle-aged and paunchy, with deep shadows under his eyes and square rimless glasses.How fresh she looked every morning, despite the slight shadows under her eyes which denoted not much sleep.He noted the shadows under her eyes.Duhamel's face was white; the shadows under his eyes seemed to deepen.
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