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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshadowyshad‧ow‧y /ˈʃædəʊi $ -doʊi/ adjective  1 NOT KNOWmysterious and difficult to know anything about the shadowy figures who control international terrorist organizations2 DARKfull of shadows, or difficult to see because of shadows a shadowy room
Examples from the Corpus
shadowyThe male roles, on the other hand, are shadowy and unformed, even within the stereotypes they represent.Shadows merge into the snow; the woodcut turns into a shadowy chalk drawing.Most stayed, under the shadowy evergreens, among the tall sycamores and beeches on the bluff above the water.a shadowy figure at the back of the crowdShe sat down, then looked up to see the shadowy figure of the woman at the bar standing over her.To the right, open double doors hinted at shadowy figures.Gripping her spear in white hands, she stood gazing at the shadowy Isle.a shadowy network of terrorist groupsCley was left once more in his chambers, in the shadowy silence which was now his greatest pleasure.shadowy figuresPhilip waited, crouched on the wet leaves listening, staring into the trees, looking for movement, shadowy figures.She looked carefully at the picture, studying the rings on the index fingers of the two shadowy figures.To the right, open double doors hinted at shadowy figures.Now he could see only a few shadowy figures half-glimpsed through the mists of the cooking fumes.The best Rather could do was enthuse about shadowy figures in crowds who might or might not be somebody guilty of something.They saw shadowy figures in the semidarkness and opened fire.And some of those shadowy figures were men of his group.Rob and Sarah Morrison are two of those shadowy figures who have contributed so much to the growth of freestyle in Britain.
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