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ShahShah /ʃɑː/ noun [countable]  PGOthe title of the kings of Iran, used in the past
Examples from the Corpus
ShahIn this memoirs he said that on 15 March he learned that Hassan was pressing Washington to admit the Shah.But there was another side to Farah, one that was perhaps more problematic for the Shah.To Roosevelt irritation, the Shah still dithered.Roosevelt reckoned that the Army was still loyal to the Shah and that a strong coalition could be mounted against Mossadeq.Soldiers appeared in the streets and showed that the Army was still loyal to the Shah and to Zahedi.Former Senator Goodell tried to cheer up the Shah.Did he think he was the Shah of Persia?The Shah had already given away some of the land that had been seized by his father after 1925.
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