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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshamefacedshame‧faced /ˌʃeɪmˈfeɪst◂/ adjective  EMBARRASSEDif someone is shamefaced, they look and feel ashamed because they have done something wrong or they have behaved badly Conner looked a little shamefaced.shamefaced smile/grinsee thesaurus at ashamedshamefacedly /-ˈfeɪsɪdli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
shamefacedWhen Hanka Zborowska arrived asking for her portrait Modigliani was shamefaced.Preston had been quite keen when he started the project but now he felt a bit shamefaced about it.And yet we are shamefaced about this.Jack had left her a shamefaced note with no explanation, a humble note.A shamefaced spokesperson admitted that mistakes had been made.The spontaneity of the dancers ebbed away and they seemed almost shamefaced that their behaviour had been witnessed by their employers.He came to my office, shamefaced, to apologize.
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