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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshamefulshame‧ful /ˈʃeɪmfəl/ adjective  ASHAMEDshameful behaviour or actions are so bad that someone should feel ashamed It’s shameful the way some people treat their pets. a shameful family secretshamefully adverbshamefulness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
shamefulThey say at least half the evictions are equal parts sham and shameful.It was shameful, almost unbelievable, but she still wanted him.Divorce is no longer so shameful and is popularly seen as a permissible solution to marital difficulties.I am both the ruined harvest and the shameful blood that sickens cattle.Scarcely able to believe his ears, Ramsay listened to this shameful catalogue.Once a shadowy misfortune families hid as if it were shameful, depression is becoming just another slice of the health-care business.A shameful flock formed round the padre.The man on the sidewalk and I share only a shameful past and perhaps a strain of gonococcus.This is a shameful waste of our natural resources.
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