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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshamelessshame‧less /ˈʃeɪmləs/ adjective  ASHAMED#not seeming to be ashamed of your bad behaviour although other people think you should be ashamed syn brazen the shameless way he lied to usshamelessly adverb She shamelessly took advantage of him.shamelessness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
shamelessThis is just another shameless attempt by the Opposition to gain power at any cost.Some one who annoyed with her need for sympathy, who irritated with her shameless display of pathos.He's a shameless flirt.It is a shameless form of payola for those who have helped a political party to get elected.Isabel trembled, half afraid, half shocked, at such shameless, hitherto unknown longings.Lewis is shameless in making promises he doesn't intend to keep.The book also tackles the shameless predicament of feeling desperate.And yet, he could see in his grandfather a shameless self-importance, a profound sense of entitlement.And even more shameless self-promoting than usual.It seemed quite shameless to me then but it would probably seem tame to today's youngsters.O false and shameless woman, I am your husband.
ShamelessShameless //  a UK television comedy drama series that takes place in an imaginary council estate in Manchester
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