Language: Old English
Origin: scieppan


2 verb
shape2 S3 [transitive]
1 to influence something such as a belief, opinion etc and make it develop in a particular way:
People's political beliefs are shaped by what they see in the papers.
2 to make something have a particular shape, especially by pressing it
shape something into something
Shape the dough into small balls.
egg-shaped/V-shaped etc
an L-shaped living room

shape up

phrasal verb
1 to improve your behaviour or work:
You kids had better shape up, because I'm in no mood to fool around.
2 to make progress in a particular way:
Ken's plans for the business are shaping up nicely.
shape up as
Immigration is shaping up as a major issue in the campaign.
shape up to be something
It's shaping up to be a pretty big party.

shape up or ship out

American English spoken used to tell someone that if they do not improve they will be made to leave a place or their job

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