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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshardshard /ʃɑːd $ ʃɑːrd/ (also sherd) noun [countable]  PIECEa sharp piece of broken glass, metal etcshard of a shard of pottery
Examples from the Corpus
shardOut to a distance of seventy-five kilometers, windows are blown in and shards of glass are accelerated to high speeds.The guests were completely cowed, like golden calf worshippers contemplating shards of Moses' broken tablets.Everywhere you look, little shards of glass glistening in the lamplight.Part of the stage erupted at 1: 26 a. m., and metal shards flew all over Centennial Olympic Park.Ross turned and walked five steps when the blast blew out the glass and propelled hundreds of shards into his body.Engineers are better than other folks at making meaning out of the shards of facts and statistics.The shards of mirror: each one containing a memory of eyes.The pottery consisted of a small flask, a bowl and two shards.shard ofArcheologists discovered shards of ancient pottery at the site.
Shard, thethe ShardShard, the // (also the Shard of Glass, the Shard London Bridge, the London Bridge Tower)  an extremely tall skyscraper near London Bridge designed by the architect Renzo Piano.
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