1 verb
share1 S1 W1

use together

[intransitive and transitive] to have or use something with other people:
We don't have enough books so you'll have to share.
The three of us shared a taxi.
share something with somebody
I have an office that I share with some other teachers.

let somebody use something

[transitive] to let someone have or use something that belongs to you:
As a kid he'd never share his toys.
share something with somebody
Will you share your fries with me?


[transitive] also share out to divide something between two or more people
share something between/among somebody
They shared the cake between them.
At his death, his property was shared out between his children.


[transitive] to have equal responsibility for doing something, paying for something etc:
We share the responsibility for the children.
I own the house, but we share the bills.
We all share some of the blame for the accident.


[transitive] to have the same opinion, quality, or experience as someone else
share somebody's view/concern/belief etc
Other parents share her belief in the importance of reading.
I believe my view is widely shared.
share something with somebody
Stubbornness was a characteristic he shared with his mother.

tell somebody something

[intransitive and transitive] to tell other people about an idea, secret, problem etc:
Students were able to share their experiences.
share something with somebody
Would you like to share your feelings with the group?

share your life with somebody

if you share your life with someone, you spend your life together with them as their husband, wife etc:
I'm not ready to share my life with anyone.

share and share alike

spoken used to say that you should share things fairly and equally between everyone

share in something

phrasal verb
if you share in someone's success, happiness etc, you have it or enjoy it with them:
His daughters did not share in his happiness.

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