Language: Old English
Origin: scearu 'cutting, division'


2 noun
Related topics: Stocks and Shares
share2 S1 W1

in a company

[countable]BFS one of the equal parts into which the ownership of a company is divided
buy/sell shares
They were able to sell their shares at a higher price.
share in
shares in Allied Chemicals
Share prices are down in London.
shares go up/rise (=the value increases)
shares fall/go down/drop (=the values decreases)
stock1 (2)

part of something

[singular] the part of something that you own or are responsible for
share of/in
I gave them my share of the bill and left.
a share in the profits
I do my share (=do my part) of the housework.

your (fair) share

a) if you have had your share of something, for example problems, success, or adventure, a lot of it has happened to you:
You've sure had your share of problems, haven't you?
He'd had more than his fair share of adventure.
b) your share of something is the amount that you deserve to have:
Don't worry - you'll get your fair share.

share in something

your part in an activity, event etc:
Employees are always given a share in decision-making.

house/flat share

British English when people live together in the same house or flat and pay the rent together
sharing noun [uncountable]

➔ the lion's share

at lion (2), timeshare

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