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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsharp-eyedˌsharp-ˈeyed adjective  SEEable to see very well and notice small details My sharp-eyed mother had already spotted him.
Examples from the Corpus
sharp-eyedShe had pretty hair - she was small and sharp-eyed.A sharp-eyed assistant took down his registration number and contacted the police.But Mrs Pigdon was a sharp-eyed dame for all that.He liked the smooth-featured, sharp-eyed man, despite the reek of sweat and exertion.With the whispered warning, the three sharp-eyed men no longer seem so harmless.Two sharp-eyed readers spotted the mistake.Inevitably, the history of Massalia was one of sharp-eyed vigilance against her neighbours.She was waved on by a sharp-eyed young officer, who boasted he could smell a smuggler from fifty yards away.
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